From the hand of our monitors you will learn for 1 hour to use the Manta5, and you will navigate living the experience of pedaling on top of the water.

2 people


per person

3 people


per person

4 people


per person

*En el cas de ser 2 persones, si no es selecciona l’opció “Exclusiu”, l’empresa es reserva el dret de complementar l’hora amb una altra parella.


De la mà d’un dels nostres monitors aprendràs durant 1h a utilitzar la Manta5, i navegaràs vivint l’experiència de pedalar sobre l’aigua. 

2 persones - 80€ per persona

3 persones - 60€ per persona

4 persones - 60€ per persona


If you have purchased a Manta5, or you are considering it, and what you want is to make the most of the bike, we also have hours of individual training with our instructors so that you learn everything you need to know about the Manta5: Starting from the platform, from beach or from inside the water, use of 7 gears, etc.

60 min - 120€
135 min - 170€ (includes 15 minutes break)


If you are thinking of organizing a totally different and innovative team event, at Manta5.cat we help you and adapt to the needs of your group. Send us an email with your contact information to info@manta5.cat and we will contact you.