How it works?

The duration of the activity is one hour. It is recommended to arrive between 15 and 20 minutes before. Each of the participants will have a bicycle and will receive the instructions and the support of the monitors to start in navigation. The monitor based on the skills will delimit the navigation area that each of the participants develops with the bike.

The activity is open to everyone?

The use of the bicycle with the presence of a monitor is allowed for people over 14 years of age and with a maximum weight of approximately 100 kg. All minors must present the corresponding authorization signed by their legal guardian, that you can download by clicking here.

What should I bring?

It is only considered essential to wear a swimsuit since you are going to fall into the water. It is advisable to wear a t-shirt since all participants must be equipped with a life jacket that will be provided. It is also important to wear (water shoes). If you do it in the colder season, we will provide you with the neoprene.

How many participate?

The maximum group is 4 people and the minimum is 2. Reservations for more people can be made, but the class will be held with 4 bicycles shared by all